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  • Sundown Audio NS 10 v4

    Price €1,149.00

    The Sundown Nightshade v.4 (commonly known as NS ): The third generation of our world famous Nightshade line. The Nightshade woofers are assembled in the USA with only the best high strength adhesives and materials. Build to order, waiting times 4-16 weeks!!!

  • Sundown Audio SD-10 v3

    Price €249.00

    The SD-3 series truly is a world-class sound quality woofer with low mounting depth, small box requirements, and a reasonable price. 

  • Sundown Audio SA-10

    Price €215.00

    The SA line was designed to be the centerpiece of the Sundown Audio subwoofer lineup -- the line to which all of our other lines are compared. We started with an FEA optimized motor design capable of 19mm of one-way Klippel verified excursion and significantly more x-mech (maximum mechanical excursion). 

  • Sundown audio E10 v3

    Price €175.00
    The third version of our acclaimed E series is all new for 2016. Since we introduced the first E series in 2012 we have sought to push the limits of entry-level woofers forward. Typical entry level woofers are highly limited in terms of linear excursion, mechanical ruggedness, and thermal performance