6.5" luidsprekers

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6.5" luidsprekers

6.5" luidsprekers

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  • SA-6.5 CX Coaxial (PAIR)

    Price €169.00

    When we set out to design our "SA" series component we knew it had to be something special; something to uphold the reputation of the SA series subwoofer line. But at the same time the price had to remain reasonable; something that almost anyone can afford. We are very proud of what we came up with for this line. 

  • The NeoPro V2 line is Sundown Audio's solution to the weak mid-bass produced by "Pro Sound" style speakers in a car door. Most Pro style speakers are designed for ported boxes as they are re-purposed "club" or "DJ" style speakers. The NeoPro line was specifically engineered for car audio usage!

  • µ-Dimension EL COAX 6

    Price €79.00

    16cm DIN 2-Way Coaxial System - MDepth 60mm
    60 RMS - 150 W/Peak - 4Ohm - 1Set/box
    20mm silk dome Tweeter, incl. Grill